Who should You Give an Unusual Gift To?

assortment of money
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Prop money is copies of real banknotes sold as souvenirs. They differ from counterfeit ones in that it is usually indicated in some way on their obverse and reverse sides that this banknote is not a means of payment. Such money can be used for games, for example, as monopoly money.

As a rule, copy money is printed and sold in souvenir shops or online. So you can buy both monopoly money, and uk money, billet euro.

Original gift option

By the way, such fake money can be a gift for those who like to count money. 

And really, what to give to a person who has everything, well, or almost everything? As a rule, when looking for a gift to such a person, people prefer to stop at symbolic gifts, but at the same time able to emphasize a person’s high social status and good taste. Souvenir fake euro banknotes can be a great option for such a gift.

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An unusual gift will help to make a good impression and, most importantly, strengthen friendly or business ties. It is also important that movie money will not be forgotten, as they can be used as an interior decoration. This means that the souvenir will remind of the giver and the meeting for many years.

Souvenir play money as a gift is like wishing a person prosperity and wealth.

On what occasion can you give a souvenir banknote?

In fact, the occasion can be any: from a professional holiday to a personal one. However, most often such a gift is given to managers, businessmen and business partners for a professional holiday or on the occasion of signing a favourable agreement.

money models
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It is also worth noting that it is appropriate to present such a gift to both men and women. Regardless of age. A universal souvenir can later serve as an excellent decoration for the interior (both if office and at home).

Paper money of industrial production characterized by high quality and 100% originality will satisfy the requirements and tastes of even the most demanding person.