Visa For Qualified Specialists in the UK

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The Skilled worker visa UK is a visa based on a point system that will allow to invite qualified, intelligent, educated people with professions in which the UK needs specialists to work in the country. That is, this way the opportunity to apply for skilled worker visa UK is cut off for a car washer or office cleaner, a person without proper knowledge of English, without education, but increases the opportunity to get a job for a doctor, nurse, engineer, IT specialist and so on.

To obtain a visa, it is necessary to fulfil a number of requirements, the main of which is a set of 70 points. There is a number of mandatory conditions:

  • an invitation to work from a company with UK sponsor license,
  • a sufficient level of English,
  • your profession must be from the list of acceptable ones.
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Points are also gained due to education, the level of salary offered and the demand for this profession in the UK market at the time of applying for a visa.

The initial visa is issued for a period of up to 5 years. After 5 years, an employee can apply for residency or extend a work visa.

Applicants in the Skilled Worker Visa categories, when applying for an ILR, will need to show an income level in accordance with the Code of Practice or higher, if their position is not included in the Short-term Occupation List. At the same time, the sponsor employer must confirm that the employee is still in demand and his salary corresponds to the level provided for the position, and it is also required to take the Life in the UK test and the English language test (the result is not lower than B1 according to the European CEFR scheme). The applicant should have no outstanding criminal records.

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There is a common practice today to conduct selection remotely and find specialists who will solve the company’s tasks as efficiently as possible. Some companies are willing to pay for tickets to a potential applicant for an interview and even some initial expenses.