How to Save Printer Ink?

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Do you need to reduce the cost of ink for printing documents? To do this, you can use continuous ink supply system, such as CISS for BROTHER. Still, first of all, it is necessary to understand how it works.

Useful system for your printer

CISS stands for a system for continuous ink supply system. This type of device has appeared on the market recently. Some users of inkjet printers still do not use it. Before their official appearance on the market, a small number of equipment owners decided to change the ink supply device in an inkjet printer.

Today, there are no difficulties in understanding what a continuous ink supply system is. The innovation was adopted by world-famous manufacturers of MFDs and printers. For example, there is CISS for CANON. Conventional cartridges are gradually losing popularity, they are being replaced by a more modern version, which reduces the cost of printing documents.

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Principle of CISS operation

This device consists of several interconnected elements. The design of the system may vary depending on its manufacturer. Traditionally, the system consists of such elements as:

  • ink tanks of different capacities;
  • plumes or tubes designed to transfer ink from containers to the printer during printing;
  • chips for storing data on the print status, ink level in containers;
  • cartridges (available in some CISS models if they do not use a separate print-head). They replace the original ink cartridges in the inkjet printer, which is why you can use ink of any brand;
  • a set of consumables;
  • instructions for using the device for continuous ink supply.

Many people are interested in how CISS works for an inkjet printer. The principle is simple – when reducing the amount of dye inside the cartridges, ink from external containers is directed into it under the influence of high pressure. As a result, the ink in the printer will not run out suddenly. You need to monitor the ink level in the containers and replenish them from time to time.

Varieties of CISS

The system is available on the market in several variants. CISS can be autonomous, contactless, and embedded. The first type of system can be used with any printers or multifunction devices due to its design features.

The built-in CISS model is supplied with a printer or MFD, it is located inside the printing device. The cost of printers with CISS mounted in them is higher, but their purchase eliminates the need to install the system with your own hands.

The contactless model provides a direct supply of dye to the storage compartments, which has a positive effect on the life of the device and print quality.

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Advantages of the system

The debate about which is better: CISS or refillable cartridges- continues to this day. To understand what is best for you, we recommend that you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the device. The advantages include:

  • the ability to install it in any inkjet printer;
  • ergonomics;
  • the ease of installing a standalone CISS;
  • the ability to fill in the necessary ink directly during the printing process without interrupting the process, it is easy to control the ink level in CISS.

The disadvantages of CISS include:

  • partial loss of warranty on equipment when purchasing a CISS brand that does not match the printer brand;
  • the possibility of breaking the printer if mistakes are made during the installation of the system.

How to save ink?

When installing CISS, ink consumption in inkjet printers is noticeably reduced – instead of 1.5 milliliters of ink, only 0.03 milliliters are consumed on an A4 sheet. The savings are obvious. The rate of ink consumption is linked to the frequency of printing. 430 A4 sheets is how much CISS is enough for one refuelling.