The Best Neighborhoods in Dubai and Their Prices

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Image by Dirk from Pixabay

Let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods in Dubai and the prices they offer for sale to help you in your search.

Downtown Dubai (Over 2,500 apartments and 200 villas for sale)

Downtown Dubai, with its imposing Burj Khalifa skyscraper, is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after neighborhoods.

A square meter costs around €7,380, making it a fairly expensive area. For reference, a studio apartment in this district can cost up to €290,000, whereas for the same price, you can have a two-room apartment in the Jumeirah Village Circle district.

Nevertheless, an investment in this district is sound, as the Burj Khalifa tower remains among the world’s most famous attractions, not to mention Dubai, where a visit is a must for every tourist! So it’s hardly surprising that rental yields for properties in this district are very attractive.

Dubai Marina (Over 4,400 apartments and 500 villas for sale)

Dubai Marina is a mid-range real estate district. Its wide variety of apartments and detached houses, high-quality infrastructure, wide choice of restaurants, and an impressive number of stores make it a very attractive area for both living and rental investment. It’s a district with a lot of charm, with its skyscrapers around the marina attracting many expatriates and making it very cosmopolitan.

Even though it’s a highly sought-after area for both buyers and tenants, Dubai Marina has managed to keep prices reasonable compared with other more upscale districts such as Downtown or the Palm.

The property resale market works very well here. So you’ll have no problem reselling your property if your plans change or you want to invest elsewhere.

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Palm Jumeirah (Over 1,300 apartments and 400 villas for sale)

On the Dubai real estate market, the Palm Jumeirah district is one of the most expensive.

A square meter here sells for around €5,300. The advantage is that the market is fairly stable and solid, and the secondary market remains strong despite fluctuations. The Palm Jumeirah, the most popular district among investors after the Marina, remains attractive in terms of stability. A high-end district, it remains a safe bet with its luxury boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and numerous private schools that attract expatriate families. Developers will be offering new luxury real estate in 2021, so this would be an ideal opportunity to take advantage of if you’re looking to make a high-end investment. A studio in this district costs around €530,000, while a three-bedroom villa can easily top €2 million.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (Over 850 apartments and 350 villas for sale)

Jumeirah Lake Towers is a fairly affordable neighborhood in Dubai, with an average price per square meter below €3,000. You can afford a studio for €169,000 or a two-bedroom apartment for €385,000. These prices are well below those of the Marina but offer similar views and infrastructure. Very accessible, this district is served by two metro stations providing links to the other districts of Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle (Over 4,200 apartments and 700 villas for sale)

This affordable Dubai neighborhood has become increasingly popular with investors. Jumeirah Village Circle is a relatively new district, with facilities and infrastructure less mature than at the Marina, as construction is still underway. It’s not close to the beach or the city center, which is why it’s probably still modestly priced. This district is, therefore, a good deal for those on a limited budget, as its average price per square meter is around €2,000, which is a very attractive price to buy in Dubai.

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The Greens and Views (Over 500 apartments and 35 villas for sale)

The square meter is over €3,100, and while this is still affordable for Dubai, the market here is not very responsive, and its stability is not exactly famous, as prices even fell in 2018.

Yet its tranquil atmosphere, the presence of several lakes, and numerous green spaces make it a pleasant district to live in. Buildings are no more than seven storeys high, which is appreciated by those who prefer them to the skyscrapers of other districts such as Marina. It’s an excellent neighborhood for families who prefer its less oppressive atmosphere.

Dubai represents a unique real estate market with a wide variety of choices for those seeking a home in the sun or a profitable rental investment. We hope we’ve given you a clear and relevant picture of the most popular expat neighborhoods in Dubai so you can find your future neighborhood to suit your budget, desires, and lifestyle! See you soon.