How to Choose Furniture for Your Cat

Photo by Carlos Torres on Unsplash

Choosing new cat furniture from Feandrea can be exciting. In today’s world, there are stylish cat furniture that will suit any room and suit the needs of your furry companion.

If you’ve started your search for the perfect furniture for your cat, you’ve probably noticed different types of furniture. Knowing your cat’s personality and researching the types of cat furniture will help you make the right purchase.

Cat perches (shelves)

Cats love to climb. Climbing a tree is an instinct your cat has that has helped her survive in the wild. In domestic life, a cat usually also needs to be able to climb as high as possible.

cat laying on shelf
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Cat wall furniture can be very functional and aesthetically pleasing. Options are available to suit any interior of your apartment.

Cat perches and shelves give your cat the ability to climb high. Cats can also sleep there. This type of cat furniture is not suitable for very large cats. If you have a large breed cat or an overweight cat, then shelves are not the best choice. Also remember to securely fasten it so that the shelf does not collapse and harm the cat.

Note: shelves must be covered with carpet, fabric, or other non-slip materials. Carpet is best, as the cat can cling to it with its claws and will not fall from a height. You should not hang just wooden shelves, especially smoothly polished ones.

cat in cat house
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How high should cat shelves be?

You can create a wall city for your cat, but how high should the shelves be? For an adult cat, the shelves should be more than a meter above the ground. If you are installing a kitten shelf, it should be only two feet above the ground. In general, you can arrange shelves in levels so that cats can jump from shelf to shelf and climb to the top.