How to Care for Artificial Grass on the Site

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Maintenance of artificial grass for lawn renewal requires minimal labor and financial costs, but this does not mean at all that you need to wait for some problems to arise in order to carry out maintenance activities. Scheduled maintenance of synthetic grass will be much more efficient and more economical.

Artificial grass for lawn reanimating needs to be cleaned periodically, and cleaning can be different, sometimes a simple brush can not cope with all the functions. More aggressive cleaning is used for rubber grass filler.

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Features of the operation of artificial grass

During heavy rain, puddles can form at the compaction points of both sand and rubber fill, especially this situation can be aggravated if the fill material is contaminated with other organic substances. If the artificial grass for lawn rethinking is constantly wet, moss may appear on it, the surface will become slippery and dangerous. To prevent this state of the synthetic surface, the surface should be subjected to aggressive cleaning approximately every eight weeks, or more often if light scheduled cleaning was carried out infrequently.

It is important to regularly remove small debris, organic residues, dangerous objects so that the coating is not damaged. The frequency of cleaning should be determined depending on the time of year. Invisible debris is easily removed from the surface with a sweeper.

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To prevent weeds from penetrating into the sandy filling of the field, it is better to treat the adjacent territory with special preparations (herbicides).

In addition to the above maintenance measures for artificial grass for lawn reformation, do not forget about the periodic treatment with antibacterial agents, as children can get hurt during a fall, and as a result, an infection will get into an open wound.