How to Understand that You are a Real Gourmet?

lots of food on the table
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If you think that food is the best thing that nature has created, and during the day you can only think about it, this means that you are a big food lover! If at least three points coincide with your views, then you can definitely be called a gourmet.

You don’t understand what diets are for

Diet is not for you! You don’t understand why others refuse such delicious food for such a long time. For you, diet is a real punishment.

You constantly read culinary news

Every day you are ready to look through interesting notes on culinary blogs or read news in the culinary field, for example, on a website

tasty food
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You are ready to stand in lines for tasty food

Whether it’s an expensive restaurant or a store across the street from your home, you’re willing to stand in line for hours just to try a new product or dish.

You love decorating dishes

You have a natural talent for decorating dishes. Even ordinary pancakes made by you make anyone salivate profusely.

You don’t have a favorite dish

You can’t decide which dish you like best because you like them all! Everything is very tasty, especially if there is plenty to choose from.

You respect all chefs in the world

You respect the work of all chefs, as you are immensely grateful to them for the masterpieces that you have already managed to taste.

food assortment
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Food travel

If you travel to other countries, you should definitely go to cafes or restaurants to try the local cuisine. You’re willing to drive several hours to visit a famous café that serves amazing hot dogs. You are not too lazy to conduct a research of the area in advance for the presence of cozy cafes where you can sit well and have a tasty meal.