Living on a Yacht

yacht photo
Photo by Marcin Ciszewski on Unsplash

Any vacation at sea, with accommodation in a hotel or on a yacht helps to relax, rejuvenate and each of them has its own advantages, but not every vacation can be truly unforgettable. In more detail, we want to dwell on such a type of seaside holiday as cruises on sailing yachts – holidays with accommodation on a comfortable sailing yacht and a sea voyage! You don’t have to worry about safety. Admiral Marine yacht insurance will take care of all the details.

persons riding on a small yacht
Photo by Ivan Ragozin on Unsplash

Something new

If you have already traveled to many countries in Europe and the world, and are tired of beach and sightseeing tours, then we suggest you discover the same or other countries, only from the other side – from the sea. For those who do not often travel abroad, we also advise you to pay attention to a vacation on a yacht, which will give you incredibly more emotions and impressions than a classic standard tour with hotel accommodation.

A sense of freedom

The main thing that gives a vacation with accommodation on a yacht is the opportunity to choose and a sense of freedom. You can choose every day what kind of view you will have from the yacht or the seascape, make stops in cozy bays, coastal towns, marinas with restaurants.

view from yacht
Photo by redcharlie | @redcharlie1 on Unsplash

You can relax with a company or buy an individual cruise and be alone with yourself, have parties on a yacht, romantic evenings, go scuba diving (snorkeling), visit any places you like and coastal cities along the route of a sailing yacht – the yacht will give you the world in the palm of your hand. Only by making a sailing cruise, you can get to know the countries in their true historical and modern appearance.