How to Organize Your Home Library

home library
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Usually home library is quite large, but bookcases do not take up much space because they are made tall. The model can be selected for almost any room, be it a small children’s library or a serious place for storing documents in the office. The presence of such a closet from VASAGLE will make the atmosphere homey and cozy.

Choose a right place

However, the place to install it must be chosen wisely. You should not set up a home library in the kitchen, attic or in rooms with high humidity. Poor storage conditions will negatively affect the appearance of books, especially if the cabinet is not glazed.

books on shelf
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Kinds of bookcases

Every reading lover will be able to choose a vasagle bookcase that meets all his requirements. There are a huge variety of them, ranging from large models designed for a separate room, to wall shelves and small racks. Any cabinet can fit into the interior, and it will sparkle with new colors. Even old antique furniture found in the attic can be restored and brought back to life.

A little space

If there is not enough space in the room, you have to look for small cabinets or spacious shelves. There are many options for their placement. For example, bookshelves can be hung in the form of a chess set or another interesting composition can be created. This will not only save space, but also add originality to the interior, and you can place memorable decor and other souvenirs on top.

little bookshelf
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In a small living room you can also install a cabinet with drawers. It is convenient because in the lower cabinets you can store newspapers, magazines and other thin publications that are difficult to put on shelves.

Another solution for rooms of modest size is a corner closet. It is small in size, but holds a large collection of books.