Why Do You Need a VIN Code

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VIN is short for “vehicle identification number”. It consists of 17 letters, which contain all the information about the car. The combination is compiled by the manufacturer, so it cannot be changed. You can find out information about the car using VIN decoder.

Decoding information

The VIN code is a unique development of the last century. It began to be implemented by machine-building plants in the United States of America and Canada back in 1977 and still continue to encode manufactured vehicles.

Sometimes situations arise when you urgently need to view data about a car.

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Having the body’s VIN code (where the combination is written), the user can use VIN Decoder to find out:

  • The country where the car was manufactured.
  • Year of manufacture.
  • Body and engine type.
  • Spare parts present when selling the machine.
  • Technical characteristics.
  • Mileage, possible previous sales and other information.

To check, you do not need to contact government agencies and leave an application. It is enough to find a resource on the Internet of VIN lookup where you can find out the data of interest by simply entering a combination.

What does the code mean?

The code consists of 17 characters, which in turn are divided into three parts:

WMI – three characters.

VDS – six characters.

VIS – eight characters.

WMI stands for the vehicle manufacturer and identifies the country. The first letter is the geographical area. In some countries a number is written.

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The second part contains the technical characteristics of the car, including its model.

The third part contains information about the year of manufacture, manufacturer and model year. The presence of the first four characters is mandatory.

Thanks to the VIN Code and VIN Decoder, purchasing a new car becomes more relaxed and simplified. All parts of the combination greatly help the potential owner get to know the vehicle in more detail than what the seller says.