New Innovation in Energy Pioneers Worldwide Progress

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The world is on course for a major leap in clean energy due to a new disruptive innovation in energy technology. A new method to generate electricity has been quickly and quietly unfolding as it demonstrates it’s productivity in various applications. 

Active Kinetic 1 is a new efficient method to produce induction from mechanical forces and appears to be more capable than the rotary AC generators in its worldwide usefulness today.

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Roughly 98% of all electrical energy used today is from induction and method exclusively dominated by the rotary generator.  However this dominance may so be disrupted by a new oscillating technique set to going the induction family of energy technology.

The Active Kinetic 1 technology was recently displayed to industry leaders for the first time at the prestigious Techspo exhibition, which is an exclusive public technology event held in London, United Kingdom.

The technology has many applications, however the first task being investigated will be its ability to harvest energy from oceanic waves. The technology is being trialed as a leading wave energy convertor dubbed Active Wave Energy Convertor (AWEC).  The worldwide impact will have a dramatic affect on the international effort toward sustainability, doughnut economics and increase energy security with new clean energy options.

The continuous evolution and refinement of Active Kinetic 1 technology will open avenues for ongoing research and development. Exploring newer methods of energy capture and application across industries holds the potential to revolutionize multiple energy sectors from electricity supply to energy conservation.

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Energy for Remote Areas:

Active Kinetic 1 holds immense promise in providing electricity to remote and underserved communities. Its ability to generate power from diverse sources like wind or human movement offers a lifeline to areas with limited access to traditional grid infrastructure.

Urban Integration:

In urban settings, Active Kinetic 1’s potential to harvest energy from human motion or vehicular traffic presents a fascinating proposition. Sidewalks or walkways equipped with Active Kinetic 1 technology could harness the energy from pedestrian movement, contributing to a more sustainable urban infrastructure.

Transportation and Mobility:

The integration of Active Kinetic 1 within transportation systems, especially electric vehicles (EVs), stands as a groundbreaking idea. The technology could potentially capture energy from vehicle movement, aiding in powering or charging EVs during travel, thereby extending their range and reducing reliance on charging stations.

Industrial and Commercial Applications:

Industries could leverage Active Kinetic 1 to make their operations more sustainable. Machinery and equipment generating motion could contribute to on-site energy generation, minimizing dependency on external power sources and reducing operational costs.

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Integration with Renewable Energy Initiatives:

Active Kinetic 1’s ability to complement existing renewable energy sources like solar and wind power further solidifies its position in promoting a comprehensive and diversified energy ecosystem. This integration amplifies energy efficiency and reliability while reducing the overall environmental impact.

Active Kinetic 1’s emergence will sparked collaborations across sectors—technology, renewable energy, health, and urban planning—to explore its integration and application in multifaceted ways. The collaboration fosters innovation and cross-disciplinary solutions for a sustainable future and its durability may lead to future generations inheriting a free electricity supplies.

Active Kinetic 1 transcends being just an energy generation technology. Its potential to revolutionize energy landscapes, integrate human activity for sustainable power generation, and cater to diverse industry needs signifies a paradigm shift in energy efficiency and sustainability. As research and applications expand, Active Kinetic 1 stands poised to redefine how we perceive and harness energy, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.