Key Issue for Car Owners

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One of the frequent topics for those who like to argue: Is it profitable to have a car in London? There is no definite answer. If you live far from the city core and you have children who should be taken to school, of course, you need a car. If you are an office worker in the City and live alone — a big question.

When you can’t drive

The cost of the car immediately needs to include insurance costs, since it is illegal to drive without it.

Insurance is issued not so much for the vehicle as for the driver. Moreover, you should enter into the insurance policy all those who will drive it.
Still, this concerns permanent vehicle operation. There is also such an option that some insurers allow you to drive someone else’s cars in case of full insurance. In this case, only the minimum policy is valid, and a valid policy must be registered for that car.

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Rental officers have some kind of insurance that covers their cars while it is in the hands of the client.

Legal entities also have the opportunity to insure their cars for all employees at once.

How much does insurance cost?

Insurance in Britain is not cheap. According to statistics, the average resident of Britain pays about £900-1000 for annual insurance. The price is calculated individually depending on how experts assess the likelihood of your getting into an accident or that your car will be stolen. There are many factors to make Cheaper Car Insurance UK.

The price of insurance is influenced by the cost of the car (the more expensive and powerful the car is, the more expensive the insurance is), the driving experience of the owner (the more experienced driver pays less), as well as other factors, including place of residence and even gender.

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Tip: you can somewhat strengthen your rating in the eyes of insurance companies and get a discount by taking a special course for experienced Pass Plus drivers. And there is also an option to purchase insurance from Cheapest Car Insurance Companies.